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Alrich and Associates, offering Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services since 1996

  • Manage - Simplify your operations and refocus on your core business. 
  • Benefits - Proven expertise in Employee Benefits Plans, Recruitment, Employee and Risk Management.
  • Insurance & Risk - Competitive Worker Comp Options, Insurance Solutions, Safety Management.
  • HR Support - Expert guidance in navigating costly work place compliance and regulatory issues.
  • Payroll, Time & Attendance - Custom reporting and online portals simplify record keeping.  

A PEO grows your Business

Outsourcing Administrative tasks allows you Time to refocus on growing your business, You gain more Control and achieve better Compliance with less work and headaches. Companies using a PEO grow 22% faster and have a 50% higher success rate than those wasting precious time and resources internally.  We recognize that each company is different and address your specific needs and goals. Where do you see your company in 3-5 years and what tools do you need to get you there?


A PEO builds better Employees

In today's competitive Labor Market you and your employees gain access to expanded benefits competitive with larger Corporations.  Health, Life, Disability, Dental, Vision, 401K information is at their fingertips. Employees can directly view and edit their information with online portals, find what they need and make any changes. Plan information is readily available 24/7 without tying up your staff or wasting productive hours.  Surveys showing employee satisfaction point to ease of handling questions and timeliness in providing information.


 If you would like to attract quality employees with less turnover, creating a more stable work force, share with us your challenges. We can help!

About Us

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